Friday, February 23, 2007

Watson's Letter to Sherlock from his Furever Home

My dear friend Sherlock,

I have been watching your travels over the last 2.3 dog years and at times I must say I have been just a little jealous. I must paws for a moment and reflect on all of the tails that I could tell. There are way too many to put into writing at this time so I will get right to the Point.

Our travels from Indiana in early November have taken both of us many miles and into many states. All of the people that I have shared my life with have been so loving and understanding. I am confident that that same feeling is shared by you. These rescue people sure are a special breed. Their hunting skills are almost as good as ours. After all they found and saved us.

I seem to recall, Sherlock, that you once said

"My line of thoughts about dogs is analogous. A dog reflects
the family life. Whoever saw a frisky dog in a gloomy family, or
a sad dog in a happy one? Snarling people have snarling dogs,
dangerous people have dangerous ones. And their passing moods
may reflect the passing moods of others."

Our investigations have certainly been rewarded. I am happy to say that we both seem to have solved “The Case of the Missing Adopters” at about the same time.

I am going to hang up my investigators hat and retire in this great state of Michigan. The Esser family has everything that I will ever need. The search for the perfect family has finally ended.

Someday, you and I Sherlock, may have one more hunt together.

So Sherlock, until that day happens, good luck.

Your friend forever,


Monday, February 19, 2007

Love at First Sight!

It was a sad day for my wife and I today. This was our last morning that Watson was going to be with us. He had special hugs for Pat this morning before she went to work. We will miss him very much. He is such a great dog and has such a wonderful personality. He howls to let us know the phone is ringing, he hugs us every chance he gets, and he knows just how to trick you to get out of bed to let him outside and after you are out of the bed he jumps in and takes your spot. He has taught Libby and Sherman how to play aggressively without starting a fight. He loves his walks and runs. He also loves his naps. This was a very emotional departure for us and I am sure for Watson also.

The great thing about adoptions is when you see an instant bond between a dog that you have loved and the person that is adopting that dog. It sure makes it worth it. I think the photo says it all. It was love at first sight.

Good luck Watson and Eric, Angelic and family. You have a prize that will bring you happiness for many years.

Thank you Lisa for letting Watson be part of our life.

Greg and Patricia Holden



Sunday, February 11, 2007

Watson's big day has come!!!

Watson's big day has finally arrived. He's going to his forever home. Of course he wants to look at his best and therefore is taking a bath really quick. Well, Watson didn't quite know that he wanted it, but foster daddy told him it was "elementary, dear Watson!"
After being all cleaned up, Watson is taking time out for some bird watching---while waiting for the rest of his life to begin.

Friday, December 22, 2006

New Year's resolutions???

Watson considered for a moment to utilize the exercise machine more in the new year to keep fit and trim---however foster dad Greg assured him that chasing pheasants would do the trick just as well and Watson abandoned the thought thereafter. :-)

Watson at home

Watson sleeps along side of our bed but does like to try to sleep on the bed at the start of the night. Usually for about 10 minutes then gets down and finds his own place. He is alot like Simon, he likes to cuddle and be the center of attention. He has a couple of accidents in the house and we think it was mostly him marking his area. Today was his first day in the house without anyone being here for the whole day. That doesn't happen very often around here but he had no accidents at all. Good for him. He would be a great dog for a family that has an area for him to run in. He loves the pheasant and continuously points when he goes out. That pheasant torments all of the dogs. It is a blast to watch. I have never seen anything like it.

Watson--the "play" boy

Watson is always available for good ole-fashioned wrestling games. Libby and him have lots of fun playing.

Watson with Libby and Sherman

Watson has been a real treat to have back here. He is high energy and will need a place that he can run. He loves being outside even by himself. He gets along with Libby and Sherman although once in a while he will posture and challenge both dogs only briefly. They stand their ground and he backs off.

Case of the Missing Family Jewels


Put down that pipe for a moment. I believe that I have sniffed out yet another case.

I was roaming around the yard this afternoon and realized that this case has been right in front of my nose for several weeks.

I believe that it started shortly after my arrival in Illinois. I don’t remember much about how it happened; it was like I was asleep or something. All that I know is that I feel different.

I am calling it “The case of the missing family jewels”.

The more that I try to investigate the strange phenomenon the more that I see that it is not only I but also nearly all of the dogs that I have come in contact with.

Using my powers of deduction, I have come to the conclusion that you Sherlock may be next.

Yours faithfully,

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

At the end of the day...

Watson arrival at his new foster home

Watson has arrived safely, and is settled into his new foster home in St. Paul. He had a good supper, and a long walk with Savanna.
They played in the yard a couple of times. He has a lot of energy. I think he's younger than Savanna.

Watson and Slinky, the cat

He is very interested in Slinky. He needed to be reminded that being interested in a cat doesn't include nibbling!

Slinky stood there and said "Is it over yet?" I think they will be just fine.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Letter from Watson to Sherlock

My dearest friend Sherlock,
It seems like it has been a very long time since we have been investigating together. I have had a great time on my own and have met a lot of wonderful people in the weeks since our separation.

I want you to know that I have traveled extensively and I am now in St Paul, MN, with a wonderful, caring lady named Debbie whose back yard reminds me so much of Scotland Yard. It has been quite a journey to get to this point, I must say, but it has been worth it. We did make a stop yesterday at Burr Oak Winery in New Lisbon, WI and during my brief investigation of the area, I heard several gun shots. Boy did that make my tail stand up. It reminded me of our trips together in Indiana.

I hope all is well with you my good friend and that together we may solve the case of the missing adopters. I will always remember what you told me in “The Adventure of Black Peter” and that was “There can be no question, my dear Watson, of the value of exercise before breakfast.”
So Holmes, until we meet again.

Your dear friend Dr Watson

Sunday, November 12, 2006

A welcome overnight guest...

Watson will be on his way to St Paul, MN later today. We have had him for just one night and he has won our hearts. I told Debbie that if we had him for 2 nights we would keep him. He gets along great with our other 2 dogs, loves to play and loved our 6 year old granddaughter. He sat on her lap all the way home on Saturday.Watson will make a great dog for someone. He is a lover for sure. We enjoyed having him stay with us.

Greg and Patricia Holden

Monday, November 06, 2006

Watson has arrived in his new foster home!

Alison, Watson's new foster mom had this to report:

Well the boy is a cutie! He could be gobbled up quick. He has a full belly and had his load of hugs and kisses from the West children. He is bigger than his photos. He does bay at the moon!!! He howled for a good 15-20 seconds before we realized it was him. (Our old tree walker used to do that to the Tornado siren testing the first Tuesday at 10:00 every month!)

He is skittish on the tile floor and knows how to go upstairs but not a fan favorite of walking down the stairs. He has his vetting appt tomorrow and is resting comfortably in the kennel, although he rolled up tight as a ball on the deck to sleep for the night. He and Ella are ignoring each other, but he did clean her ears for her!! She enjoyed that! He has some curly hair and is comfortable around people but not so comfortable outside!

Watson during his transport

Lora, who helped transport Watson, had the following to report: I had the honor of taking Watson (and ACES' Serendipity) from Merrillville IN to Gurnee IL to hand them off to their respective foster parents. Watson is a fantastic dog - well-behaved, quiet in the car, and very human-centric, although good with his fellow traveler. He made a nest in the back seat with a moving blanket, then proceeded to "pluck" (read: shred) a brown paper shopping bag for amusement. He's a real sweetheart!

Getting Ready for Transport

Watson was a sweet boy waiting for his big day of transport to his regular foster home.

He chased squirrels in the backyard all morning long, then came in to rest for a while.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Watson---a good companion

Watson kept my foster boy Wills company in the yard. Both sat down in the middle of the grass and were on the lookout for squirrels.

This morning I did a lot of housework in the kitchen. Watson was a very sweet boy and laid down nicely to keep me company. He's quite a bit calmer in the house now.

Watson arrives at his temporary foster home

Watson was a happy, happy boy when I picked him up from the shelter. He appears very cheerful and happy, loves everybody and is full of hyper puppy energy.

It took him a little bit of time to settle in. He sniffed out the house and did take time to lay down, just long enough to partake in a smoked chicken roll rawhide stick---but then he wanted to be on the move again.

Watson does love to snuggle. I don't think he's been allowed inside a home before, but it didn't take him more than a moment to jump up on the couch and lay in my lap to get some loving.

This boy has the right attitude and will just need somebody to show him the way a little. He's already started showing progress in a day. He doesn't yet feel quite comfortable about walking on the slippery vinyl kitchen floor. But he's a confident boy and when he wants to cross the kitchen, heck he's walking across it anyway---even if he's not quite sure what that odd surface is.

He did sleep quietly in his crate at night, until one of my fur kids walked by in the early morning---then you could hear a bit of heart-rendering puppy howling going on. He just wanted to be out there with the rest.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Watson is safe!!

Watson was found as a stray in Delaware County, Indiana---probably lost during a hunting trip. His owner never showed up and a likely brother (Sherlock) had arrived at the same shelter a few days earlier.

Thanks to a shelter employee with a heart for rescue, who didn't give up and spread the word about these two little guys, Illinois Birddog Rescue was finally able to take them in, when foster homes became available.